Thursday, 2 September 2010

Treasure Hunting (Saturday)

Karen had clues of ‘intersection’, ‘street kid’ and ‘begging’ that led her to where her treasure was waiting. She spoke to him and was able to share the gospel with him. His story was that he would travel for two hours every day to get in to Durban so he could beg. One of the team was able to pray salvation with him in Zulu and when they asked him to tell them what had happened he told them in English that he had said he needed to get his life right with Jesus because he had messed up. He also said that he wanted to come to church but was apprehensive because he takes drugs. The team was able to communicate love and truth to him and prophesy a definite life plan over him. Please continue to pray for him that the connection remains.

Someone else had clues of ‘flowery hat’, ‘red’ and ‘sore feet’. When they met her, a white Afrikaans man on the team knelt down at her feet and prayed for her. The others on the team were able to explain how amazing that was as a gesture as a white man kneeling in front of a black woman expressed a cultural shift that wouldn’t have happened years ago. The woman was totally healed with all pain gone. She got up and walked round with a dance in her step!

Someone else had their hip healed on the treasure hunting day and was able to weight bear for the first time in three years.

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