Thursday, 2 September 2010

Saturday evening

During the Saturday evening meeting there was a prophetic word for someone who had a fear of a child dying. A woman came forward who was pregnant and Karen and Chloe got to pray with her. She was terrified of losing the baby after having already had two threatened miscarriages during the pregnancy. She had peace prayed over her and they declared life over the baby. Her face changed and she started to smile. She said she felt as peaceful about the pregnancy as she had done before any of the threatened miscarriages. She was also able to totally engage with God in worship without any sense of heaviness.

A woman who had experienced breast cancer was prayed for. She was on tablets after having had surgery that had gone wrong. She was left in a lot of pain with lots of ugly scar tissue. After praying for healing she said she knew that God could reach out to others through her as she has had that experience. It was an emotional time when she was able to spend a lot of time talking with a team member. The next day she came back to testify that when she went home and showered she noticed that all the pain had gone and all the scarring had also gone! She said that all the veins had come back up in her arms and hands that had collapsed during her chemotherapy! Praise God.

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