Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bedford, Dubai, Durban, the world..!

After a gruelling 'red-eye' flight, we have arrived!

Before leaving England, we received a prophecy as a group that we would have the chance for encounters on the aeroplane even before arriving in South Africa. ZoeJoy struck up conversation with a lady who had been working in S.A for 50 years as a doctor. She was a lady of faith who was in the middle of making some big decisions about her future. She didn't seem to want prayer at first but did agree that it would be good for us to pray that she makes wise choices.

Prayers were answered for the babies in our group who were impeccably behaved through a total of 17 hours of airtime!

It was fantastic to be greeted by the familiar, similing face of Rory as we stepped off the plane at Durban on Tuesday. As Drew arrived at the airport to collect some of us, his petrol gauge hit empty and he knew there was no petrol filling station between the airport and home. It was a prayerful journey back and the car made it on fumes and intercession! For the others, we picked up our hire cars and had a half hour drive to St Philomena's Guest House where we are staying. It's a lovely, comfortable place with plenty of rooms and a communal area that we quickly put to good use by sitting round and ordering pizza shared with Drew, Megan and the kids. We were all feeling pretty wired after a dizzying 24 hours of travel so got to bed early.

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