Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Story of provision from ZoeJoy

I had felt the pull to return to Africa for some time when I heard about the trip to South Africa. Finding out that Kings Arm’s guys would be taking a team to Durban sounded like a dream opportunity for me. I booked my place with no cash and was upfront with Rory from the start that I was committing in faith.
A week or two later I got a cheque covering my deposit from a friend, round one done! I had a few hundred pounds put away for car repairs but when then second instalment was due, I was praying and felt God say to spend that money with a challenge that I was to rely on his provision and not my ability to save. That was a hard one, as I then had no cushion.
A couple of months later I went on a trip, playing bass at a few conferences with the McKenzies. It was real fun and I loved it then at the end I was given an envelope with £290 in it as a gift and later another cheque for £50. All of the gifts I have received pretty much cover the whole of the trip. God has definitely provided and I’m very excited to see all he does with us as we have fun in SA.


  1. Awesome Joy! You so raised my faith for God's provision in other areas and brilliant to have you on the team.